open-source cross-platform real-time video effects plugin system

FreeFrame 1.6

FreeFrame 1.6 is the next version of FreeFrame which brings native 64 bit plugins. It is in development with testing versions running well. If you are interested in FreeFrame core development please head over to the development HQ on Sourceforge:

If you're a video person looking for plugins that work in your video apps then you will be looking for FF1.0 or FF1.5 plugins as per your app's FreeFrame support. This site has links to the various plugin developer's sites where you can get their plugins:

FreeFrame Community Links

FreeFrame Community Site

Welcome back to the FreeFrame community site!

Here you can find information about FreeFrame hosts and plugins.

We are in the process of restoring and upgrading the site, so please let us know if there are any problems.

FreeFrame 1.5 Release

After much debate, coding and testing, the FreeFrame developers are proud to present FreeFrame 1.5 also known as FreeFrameGL or FFGL. FreeFrame 1.5 includes extensions to FreeFrame 1.0 that enable real time rendering of stunning graphics and video effects with OpenGL compatible graphics cards ("GPUs").

New website

In preparation for the 1.5 release of Freeframe including the highly anticipated openGL processing, we have developed a new website.

If you're a developer please register on this site to be able add your plugins to the plugin database - this will become the master record of all the Freeframe ID codes to ensure that plugins do not conflict with one another.

You may also wish to add you host application to the Freeframe hosts page.


FreeFrame provides a framework for developing video effects plugins and hosts on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Sample code is provided which compiles in Delphi, MSVC, GCC, Project Builder and Kylix.

The plugins are initially intended for use in VJ ('Visual Jockey') applications. The project was initiated by developers from VJamm, Resolume and EffecTV. Some great plugins have been written. Freeframe support is now available in a large number of video applications.

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