open-source cross-platform real-time video effects plugin system


Supported FF Versions: 
FF 1.0x

About Isadora®

Isadora is a graphic programming environment for Macintosh and Windows that provides interactive control over digital media, with special emphasis on the real-time manipulation of digital video.

Because every performance or installation is unique, Isadora was designed not to be a "plug and play" program, but instead offers building blocks that can be linked together in an almost unlimited number of ways, allowing you to follow your artistic impulse.

Isadora was initially created to facilitate the performances of Troika Ranch, a media intensive dance company co-directed by Isadora's creator, composer and media-artist Mark Coniglio. It reflects over 15 years of practical experience with realtime interaction.

It also serves as the primary tool used in Troika Ranch's Live-I Workshops. It is designed to be easy to learn for those new to the world of real-time interaction. The titles and values of every actor are visible to the user (though they can be hidden if you desire). Help is available for all actors and their inputs and outputs from within the program. Isadora is accompanied by a complete manual that includes numerous tutorials and example files to get you started.

Supported FF Types: