open-source cross-platform real-time video effects plugin system


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Open Source
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FF 1.0x
Pete Warden

This is a general purpose colour manipulation effect, it operates by changing the image to Hue; which colour, eg red, orange, purple, Saturation; how vivid the colour is, eg bright blue versus pastel blue, and Value; how dark the colour is. This allows you to change all the colours in an image without affecting their brightness, or increase the vividness of every colour without changing their hue or darkness. I find this a useful tool for many situations, such as taking a washed out input and increasing the saturation scale to make the colours much stronger and clearer. Because doing this conversion precisely takes a lot of power, you can turn on the 'cheap and nasty' option and sacrifice accuracy for speed. Another option is to do the conversion and pass the result out in the red, green and blue channels of the output. This allows you to apply other effects designed to work in RGB space with this HSV data, and then apply another ColourWarp converting back to give you the correct results.

1. Hue Offset
How much to bump up all the hue's in the image by, use it to rotate the colours in the image around the hue colour wheel
2. Hue Scale
How much to amplify the hue of the image by
3. Saturation Offset
How much to bump up the strength of all the colours by
4. Saturation Scale
How much to amplify the strength of each colour by
5. Value Offset
How much black to add to all the colours
6. Value Scale
How much to amplify the black contained in each colour by
7. Cheap And Nasty
Turns on optimisations that sacrifice accuracy for speed
8. RGB to HSV
Puts the hue of each pixel into the red channel of the output, the saturation in the green, and the value in the blue
9. HSV to RGB
Does the opposite conversion, treating the red channel of the input as the hue, the green as the saturation, and the blue as the value