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Open Source
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FF 1.0x
Pete Warden

This effect smoothly blurs the input. It also allows the sharpness of the image to be increased using the UnSharp Mask method. There's a choice between performing true gaussian blurring, or using less accurate but much faster approximations, decided by the use of the 'Fake It' parameter. Faking it is highly recommended, and if you do you can control the trade-off between accuracy and speed using the 'Passes' parameter, when this is set to 1, you get a very fast but very blocky blur, at the default of 3 you'll get a blur that is usually indistinguisable from the true gaussian blurring. If you're having performance problems, turn 'Fake It' on and set 'Passes' to 1 or 2.

1. Radius
This controls how strongly the image is blurred
2. Edge Factor
This affects the internal workings of the blurring when 'Fake It' is turned off. It's a very subtle adjustment, and is included for completeness's sake, I've never needed it
3. Fake It
Turn this on to increase performance
4. Passes
Controls how accurate the faking is
5. Do UnSharp Mask
Changes the blur into a sharpening of the image when turned on
6. Aspect Ratio
This sets how stretched the blur is horizontally or vertically, when it's low you get a lot of blurring sideways, and none up or down, when it's medium you get equal blurring all round, and when it's high you get strong vertical blurring
7. UnSharp Mask Amount
How much to sharpen the image by
8. Do Odd But Cool
Enables a bug I created whilst implementing the effect that I decided to leave in since it gave a rather pleasing result