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Open Source
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FF 1.0x
Jamie Fenton

The first open-source release from the Money$hot project is a useful plug-in for Freeframe that generates standard diagnostic displays.

Test displays (so far) include: a histogram display showing the distribution of alpha, red, green, blue, & luma components, a waveform monitor, a color vector-scope, and a pixel-dumper which displays the hexadecimal color values for a 3x3 region of interest.

The default arrangement is a 2 x 2 matrix with the original in the upper-left, histogram on the right, waveform monitor bottom-left, and vector-plot bottom-right.

The first parameter selects which display to generate. The following parameters are only valid in certain circumstances and control things like which color components to graph, background fill, and X, Y position to sample.

Windows-only, unfortunately. I can easily move it to a lightweight cross-platform graphics library (once I find the one to use).

Please let me know of errors if you detect any. I will be using this tool to check out a variety of other components slated for open-source release. (jamie AT fentonia Dot Com)