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Open Source
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FF 1.0x
Chris Korda

Text generator

1. Document : which document to display
2. Line: which line of current document to display
3. Font: which font to use; depends on installed fonts
4. Font Size: font size
5. Leading: line spacing: 0 = min, .5 = default, 1 = max
6. Horz Scale: horizontal scaling: 0 = narrow, .5 = none, 1 = wide
7. Pos X: X position
8. Pos Y: Y position
9. Rotation: rotation from 0 to 360 degrees
10. Red: red channel of text color
11. Green: green channel of text color
12. Blue: blue channel of text color
13. Background: if zero, background is transparent, else it's black
14. Bold: if non-zero, text is bold
15. Italic: if non-zero, text is italic
16. Underline: if non-zero, text is underlined
17. Horz Margins: horizontal margins, as percentage of frame width

The plugin looks for text files in the folder "My Documents\TextGen". If there's a text file in My Documents\TextGen called playlist.txt, it's assumed to contain a list of paths to text files; for details, see below. If there's no playlist, any text files (files with the .txt extension) found in My Documents\TextGen are loaded, in alphabetical order. If there's no playlist and no text files are found either, the plugin displays "NO TEXT".

If playlist.txt exists, it's assumed to contain a list of absolute (fully-qualified) paths to other text files. Each line of the playlist should contain exactly one path. Do not enclose paths in quotes, even if they contain spaces. The text files are loaded in the order they appear in the playlist. The playlist method requires more setup, but allows you to link to existing documents instead of copying them
to the TextGen folder, and also lets you specify the document order without renaming the files.

Text files may be ASCII or Unicode UTF-16LE (16-bit little-endian). Unicode text files must have the BOM (Byte Order Mark) 0xFF, 0xFE in the first two bytes.

For anti-aliasing, use TextGenAA instead. To display single characters, use CharGen or CharGenAA.